Who Am I?

I am a twenty year old with a love of the written word. I believe words can be powerful, inspiring, and even life changing. I hope through my words I can better push and sharpen others in their walks with Christ, and encourage those I love to keep moving forward through the rough, tough seasons of life.


I am doing life with my best friend, who is battling through End Stage Renal Failure (ESRF). The majority of what I pen is contributed to him, for he is my biggest supporter, loudest encourager, and my happy-ever-after. His testimony inspires so many, and he will be contributing to this blog as well.

I am a beloved daughter, cherished sister, trusted friend, and treasured girlfriend. And above all, I am a dearly loved child of the Most High God. I find my identity, my comfort, my protection, and my hope in Him.

I have no college degrees, I don’t have many successes or achievements in the eyes of this world, but I know God has given me a voice and with it I intend to spread the message of hope, of joy, and of redemption. For that is my story; one of redemption.

Read, laugh, cry, and follow along as we embark on this journey called life. I believe that “together is a great way to press through something you’re afraid could make you feel a bit undone.” And life, at times, can do just that.




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