Fancy Fingers.

I thought it would be fun to tell you guys about my rings. I wear a lot of them, it feels very strange if I forget to wear them one day, & they all have a special meaning or story behind them. I get asked about them a lot, & always receive compliments so here we go:


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♦ I have been wearing this one since 2016. It has waves engraved all around it, I believe it is sterling silver, & I got it while on a vacation in Hawaii. I had decided to give my life to the Lord about four weeks prior to this trip (see My Story. (Wildwood ’16)), so I was really soaking Him in as much as possible. What better place to study scripture than laying on the beach in Waikiki, am I right?! I was sitting on the beach at sunset, listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, my skin was warm from the slight sunburn I had acquired throughout the day and I was talking out loud with God. I was thanking Him for capturing my heart, that my life now had purpose and meaning. He decided to show me vividly how much He loved me. He was there, in the waves. Each crashing wave represented the endless amounts of love He had for me. I was overwhelmed. I sat for hours, until it started to get dark, then headed back to the little village area. I passed by a vendor with all sorts of trinkets, but my eyes landed on this one sterling silver ring, with waves engraved on the band. I ended up having the exact amount in change left over, & purchased it. It now stands as a reminder of that moment on the beach with my Savior.

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♦ This next one is a very simple meaning. It is a ring to remind me that I am God’s princess: loved, cherished, treasured by my Father in heaven & I need to act like it. In some ways, it is like a purity ring. I just don’t like that term!



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♦ This clunker is a quirky little weirdo & I love it to death. The story for this one? I literally found it & it was my exact ring size. Meant to be? I think so.




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♦ This beauty is one of my personal favorites. It is a glass dome with very real, very tiny pressed flowers & plants inside. The band is copper & sometimes rubs my finger a little green but it is totally worth it. I picked up this one at a street market in London (along with this super cool gears banded ring but I lost that one in Italy!) & it has been on my finger ever since.




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One Year.


♦ I got this one customized myself with the inscription “For me, to live is Christ” & on the inside of the band it reads “Phillipians 1:21.” It is the heaviest one out of them all, I believe it is tungsten & I bought it for my one year celebration of walking with Jesus. That first year turned out to be super rough, & that verse became very real to me. It now serves as a reminder of what God has taught me



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Two Year.


♦ Similarly, this very simple band was purchased on my two year anniversary with the Lord. That second year really taught me to find God in all the ordinary moments of life. My first year was so jam packed with starting college, messy relationships, travelling the world, & moving to Santa Cruz for the summer that I had a very hard time seeing God at work once my life slowed down. Hard but crucial lesson for sure. & now this band, as ordinary as it is, sits on my finger as a reminder of that.



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Proverbs 31.


♦ The simple band⇑ lays on top of this band ⇐now. This ring has a lot of little diamonds around the edge, with the inscription “Proverbs 31: Woman of God” on the side. I looked at this ring all summer while I was working at a bookshop in Santa Cruz. That summer, ridiculous amounts of growth took place, & I felt like I understood that Proverbs even more by the end of it. & then a very nice person purchased it & gave it to me. It also sits as a reminder on my finger of all I learned that summer.




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Blue Topaz.

♦ And last, but certainly not least, this beautiful blue topaz ring given to me by Jeremy. When we had to make the hard decision to postpone our wedding & hold off on our engagement, it hit us very hard. We knew it was the right decision but, no one could have warned us about the emotional & spiritual after shocks (The New Season of Us). So, we took a day trip to Santa Cruz a few months after, trying to figure out how to go back to just dating, & struggled through the day. Toward the end, we stopped off at this silver shop & I found this little gem. Jeremy bought it for me & we sat on a bench nearby as he put it on my finger & explained that he wanted me to be reminded of the love & commitment we share, even though we cannot get married right away. It was comforting. & now every time I look down at it on my finger, I am reminded of that moment & it brings me peace about our future together.

Those are my rings guys! If you have any special jewelry stories, drop a comment below. I want to hear the unique meaning’s behind your stuff too!

with all the love,



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