the idea.

Hey friends!

Thanks for checking this out page out today. I wanted to explain a bit about the WHY? of this new section on my blog. The idea kind of started about two weeks from today…

I had gone to get lunch with Jeremy & when I walked in I saw an old friend from high school (that I hadn’t spoken to or seen in probably three years) behind the counter. “Ione!” she said, “Still have that great fashion sense I see.” Turning to Jeremy she continued, “This girl has got some serious style.” He politely agreed (though I think he was more interested in the tacos we were about to get) but her comment stuck with me. Later that day, we were walking through a downtown area, when a lady actually came chasing after me to ask where I had got my outfit.


She was working in this hair salon, left her client to chase me down the street yelling “Sweetheart! Excuse me! Where did you find that sweater!?” After that all concluded, Jeremy turned to me and said “I think you just reached a whole new level of style.”

I have always had people saying they wish they could dress like me, asking me where I get my clothing, and wondering what goes through my head when I put outfits together. I just kind of shrugged it off, not thinking much about it. But, after those experiences ⇑, I realized that maybe those people legitimately wanted answers and ideas!

So, here I am.

I’m excited to start sharing with you guys some of my favorite finds. For me, I feel most comfortable and most myself when I’m dressing just a bit quirky (or maybe a lot, who knows?) I love bold colors, unique jewelry, statement pieces, comfy shoes, & basically anything that I decide would be fun to wear.

I’ll be dropping links (if I bought the piece from a store with a website!) so you guys can find similar items. But I’ll mostly just explain why I style the way that I do. So hopefully you guys find it helpful and inspiring!

Here we go!


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