I am a lover of words. I have found writing as a way to fully process all that God is trying to teach me. A few years ago, God put this idea on my heart to start sharing what I write with you all. I have seen so much growth in myself, as well as in this site since then and I know without a doubt that all my words are being used by Him for His glory.

My site focuses on a few main topics: my personal growth in life and faith, my relationship with a man in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), and reviews on some of the best books to encourage you in your faith and study. I am also a survivor of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. That is actually what started this whole journey. One day I realized that I had something to share: my story. I have found healing, and abundant joy through Christ and I so badly want all those out there who have suffered as I have to find the same thing. I want those who struggle in their relationships to find encouragement and practical strategies. I want those who struggle in their faith and biblical study to find resources to aid them in their journeys.82e0d958-640e-4446-99b0-aeae962920d7

Those are my goals.

And all you need to know about me is that I love God and love others fiercely. I am firm in who I am, in my faith, and in my abilities. I have the blessing of working in ministry with children, of continuing my education to become a preschool teacher, of being a beloved daughter, sister, friend, and girlfriend. And I guess now I am a blogger too!

Thanks to you all who support me in this ministry. Life is one heck of a journey and I am so glad I get to share it all with you.

With all the love,