This blog is a safe space for all of us who are survivors of adverse religious trauma/experiences, those who (like me) are recovering fundamentalist’s, those who have struggled through abuse & the harmful effects of “purity culture”, and those who are trying their best to deconstruct the faith we were handed.

Through this platform I hope to create a community of support and education on/through RTS. I will be sharing a wide variety of my own experiences, what I am learning and how I am changing. And, as an avid reader, I will be posting book reviews on some great literary resources that have helped me a ton. I hope these references became helpful for others as well.

I am terrified and excited about publicizing my journey. This blog space used to be all about my faith, my theological musings, and what I believed was the “right” way to live life. After a few years of asking tough questions and opening my mind, I have completely changed not only my beliefs and views, but this entire blog as well. I hope those who have followed before will still take the time to read through, with an open heart and respond with kindness and compassion for the reality of these harmful situations within the christian community.

Thank you for checking out this page and I hope to see this project blossom into everything I hope it to be.

With all the love,

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