My Desperate Plea.

I am living my life as though it all matters. I believe that my greatest achievements are marked by the number of degrees I have, the amount of money I make, the impressiveness of my career. I believe my relationships define my worth, how many friends I have or how progressed my romantic relationships are.... Continue Reading →

Saving Faith.

In all of my studies, I have come to a conclusion. The term “leap of faith” actually does not make sense. The foundations of the faith are not unknown. Scripture clearly lays out all that we need to know not to take a blind leap but a calculated step in the direction of Christ. After... Continue Reading →

My Story. (Wildwood ’16)

It has come to my realization that I have never written out the story of how I gave my life to the Lord. I have spoken it at many different events, but not once have I written it down. I felt a tug on my heart to do so today! YAY! And at the end,... Continue Reading →

I Will Remember.

I have found myself more easily distracted these days. With so much changing in my life, I am becoming focused on myself and how I wish my life to pan out. To be completely honest, I’m feeling more and more weak in my faith. Discouragement is my companion, and frustration often hangs around. I would... Continue Reading →

The Great Juxtaposition.

Philippians 2:1-11 has become a passage of scripture I am constantly reading. For me, it’s a twofold concept. The first part I have been struggling to live out and the second part, in light of the first, just astounds me every time I read it. “So, if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort... Continue Reading →

Trapped Behind Open Doors.

I so often stay in the prisons I build for myself. The door may be wide open, yet I will stay in my chains. I know where the key is. I know that if I just grasped the key, unlocked myself, and walked out, there is a wonderful life of freedom waiting. But I like... Continue Reading →

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