Trapped Behind Open Doors.

I so often stay in the prisons I build for myself. The door may be wide open, yet I will stay in my chains. I know where the key is. I know that if I just grasped the key, unlocked myself, and walked out, there is a wonderful life of freedom waiting. But I like... Continue Reading →

Being My Own Worst Enemy.

Do you ever get to a point where you are just so tired of drowning in emotion? I am there. I am so frustrated with myself for feeling. I am so irritated that I get so irritated. Nothing majorly wrong is going on in my life, but it appears the small, day-to-day actions continually leave... Continue Reading →

Battle Scars.

I went to the doctors on Wednesday. I had been putting it off for…about a year. But, finally, my fiancé and my roommate made me call the advice nurse and I had an appointment set up. I was quite upset. Yes, my fiancé has his health problems, and yes, they are worse than mine, but... Continue Reading →

I Know.

Below features my writings as well as my dear friend Hanna's. Please read through to see her thoughts on the same subject. * “Lord, help me to still look to you even when I cannot see you.” That has been my prayer lately. I’m having a difficult time seeing God working in my life. I’ve... Continue Reading →

Who Do I Think I Am?

I have a hard time giving grace. I’m very quick to give my opinion, share some insight into how I’ve dealt with things in my own life, and then get discouraged or frustrated when you don’t automatically see that I am right, and must change your ways immediately. Sometimes I have an issue with pride.... Continue Reading →


I feel torn apart, with all my wounds raw and exposed. And being exposed, being extra sensitive to words and very easily hurt. Words have been said that deeply wounded me, that brought about such pain I found myself sobbing in the bathroom mirror, repeating through broken-up words “that hurt my feelings.” I felt defeated... Continue Reading →

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